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The Red Letters Story

believe tshirt design

We (Jerry and Pajai) believe God want us to start a movement sharing God’s provision and love through t-shirts. When we first sat down to discuss the logistics of the company, the idea seemed out of reach and overwhelming. We shared the idea with family and friends and got similar responses. The idea seemed repetitive, unoriginal and overdone by others with far more experience.

Months passed and I (Pajai) could not stop thinking about the vision, the movement. There was a hopefulness, and it tugged at me every day. One evening, while at a coffee shop, my stomach began turning; for the next ten minutes, everything in my body told me to start the t-shirt business. The gut feeling came from deep within, and it made me want to vomit.  There was an understanding that if I did not jump on it, it would pass. Not only that, but it had to start tonight. Not the next day, not the next week, not the next month, not when I wasn’t busy, but tonight. The time was now!

When I got home, I spent all night researching everything and anything about how to start a t-shirt business. The results were overwhelming, but I believed. The next morning, I woke Jerry up to share all I had learned. Before I could say anything, Jerry looked at me and said, “I think God wants you to create a t-shirt that says ‘BELIEVE’. Right before you woke me, I saw a white t-shirt with big black letters that said ‘BELIEVE’.”

Now, here we are with our company Red Letters. Red Letters is inspired by the words of Christ. We desire to be a hub where believers can come together and share their story of Christ  forgiveness, deliverance, trials and tribulations , lessons learned, love through grace, etc. Red Letters hopes to be a part of your journey in sharing the Gospel. It’s about people sharing their stories in the form of a design to give hope to others and glory to Him. Ultimately,  through the testimonies of others, we hope seekers, new believers, born again Christians and followers of Christ may be encourage and inspire to know God, experience God and have a relationship with God through Jesus.

About Us

Jerry & Pajai

Jerry Yang, Owner

The Apostle Paul writes in Philippians 1:6 “Being confident of this very thing, that He who began a good work in you will perfect it until the day of Christ Jesus”. This passage has been a constant encouragement of the journey we are on.

Before I came to know Him, I lived a life without purpose and direction. I attended a Christian conference where I began a relationship with Jesus Christ. My desire to grow in my faith led me to Crown College where I studied business and biblical studies. It was there that I grew in my relationship with Jesus and stirred up my passion for His word. This led to me wanting to start a business that would bring Him honor and glory.  

Fast forward a decade later and He blessed me with a God-loving, beautiful wife-who believed in my unspoken dream. Our faith in Him helped us jumpstart Red Letters. Our hope is that people will see a glimpse of Him in our shirts. We don’t know exactly what’s to come, but we believe that Christ will continue to be at work in our lives and through our business.

Pajai Yang, Owner

I pursued a career in education because of my love for learning and teaching. As a learner, I understand the process of learning is more important than the result. As a teacher, I cannot teach my students until I have learned the lesson material myself. In the same way, I understand that the students I teach go through this same process. In the classroom my students practice turning subject areas of weakness into strength and life-skills practice (such as patience, perseverance, and integrity) into lifelong empowerment. Coming full-circle is the growth process of life, a process which we, as educators, hope every generation is able to grasp.  

I am also an artist at heart. I look for opportunities to nurture my amature art skills - interior decorating, event planning, beautifying my classroom bulletin board, creating worksheets, or showing students how to color and draw. It is a joy to use my imagination and creativity. 

Last but certainly not least, I am a follower of Christ. I share Christ the same way I share knowledge with my students. I have experienced the kindness and love of God; therefore, I can now genuinely share Him with others. When His goodness shines light on our sinful nature transforming us from within and His grace saves us from our self-destruction, we sing a new song - a song of praise and worship. Coming full-circle is the growth process of the Christian faith, a process which we hope every believer will be able to grasp.

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